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Sweeter Bake Render Process. Perspective Rendering on a unwraped UV Texture.

+ you can render with Cinema 4D Multipasses
+ supports Teamrender

- works only with the Cinema 4D build in RenderEngines (Standard/ Physical)
- no support of any post image effects (eg: hair)
- Rendertime in dependence on the polygons count


It´s easy to integrate Cake into the daily Cinema 4D workflow. The two video tutorials "CAKE - how it works (part one)" and "CAKE - how it works (part two)" show you how this works...
Cinema 4D R17 or newer with a single user license (Cineware does not support plugins). Can be used on multiple computers, just as your C4D license permits. (MAC + PC + Laptop, etc.). The Cake license is limited to a single Cinema 4D license and can`t change to a different C4D license, only for C4D version update , e.g. from R17 to R18 and only one key per license and per version.

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Über uns

Über uns

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